Sekiho Yabumoto:(1907-2003)

Sekiho Yabumoto was born in Wakayama Prefecture Japan.
His real name is Shintarou Yabumoto.
He graduated from Tokyo commercial University(former Tokyo Okura Commercial College) in 1928. And studied "Nanga"(the southern school of Chainese painting) under apprenticeship to Mr.Shonan Mizukoshi and "Haiga"(Haiku picture)
under Mr.Ryushi Akamatsu
Since 1980, he managed the Haiga School "Sekiryu-kai" and had been making efforts to promote the spread of "Haiga" and had have a "Haiga Exhibition" every year.
His teaching method of "Haiga" was broadcasted by NHK as a program for ladies.
In 1991, he founded "Japan Sekiho Haiga Association".

The certficates of merit from Prime Minister and Minister of Education.
The Fourth Order of Merit(the Order of Sacred Treasue) in fall of 1988.