What's Haiga?
@In Japan we have a short poem called haiku that is well known in the countries of Europe and America; but haiga are still far from well known.The difference between them
is that,whereas haiku express the heart of poetry in the shortest form of poem in the world,haiga may be said to express the heart of poetry in simple, tasteful pictures.

They are both born from the womb of the rich nature of Japan and are traditional Japanease arts with which many of us are familiar today. They are arts that many well be said to express the Japanease heart.
In Japan we have for seasons of spring,summer,autumn and winter; and in haiga various themes of these four seasons are delightfuly depicted, so that even people in lands without four seasons can sufficiently enjoy them.

@In haiga there are no difficult rules to be observed, but what is characteristic of them is the use of ink and brush, for depiction in lines and butterance through empty spaces.
@To draw haiga, one has to return the heart of a child, without being bound by anything, and to express freely and boldly whatever beautiful image occurs to one's mind. Thus the heart is naturaly relaxed and it becomes pleasure to draw.

@So please make the attempt.